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From the pristine sand dunes of Rajasthan, India, we bring you an unrefined and mineral-rich desert salt or as the natives call it, Lunn. Cultivated from ancient underground lake streams, Lunn is hand-harvested in a unique, simple and a sustainable practice.


The Lunn salt is harvested twice in the year, with each season of the harvest adding its own character to the texture. The Summer Harvest is renowned for its earthy off-white hue, coarse texture and a distinctive bold flavour. The Winter Harvest is famous for its sparkling white glow, smooth texture, and a robust taste.
Available in Grinder with Refill Pack.


Introducing a premium grade Black Salt for the finest of gourmet food preparations. The process of making Black Salt involves firing Pink Himalayan salts in a furnace for hours while sealed in a pot mixed with Triphala (mix of three fruits recognized in Ayurveda, that aid digestion). The fired salt is then cooled, stored, and aged
before sale.
Available in Grinder with Refill Pack.


A salt collection cannot be complete without the well known pink rock salt that is considered to be the cleanest salt available. It is considered to be a much more balanced and wholesome choice in comparison to table salt and provides an impressive number of vital and essential minerals for your body. Available in three varieties.
Grinder with Refill Pack
Tub Pack
Shaker (separately).


Featuring a range of indulgent blends of the unrefined salt mixed with organic whole herbs and spices. Four authentic and popular flavours – Desert Salt & Chili, Desert Salt & Herbs, Desert Salt & Garlic Herbs, and Desert Salt & Pepper – offer an exclusive experience in taste and texture of freshly grounded salt and spice.
Available in Grinder with Refill Pack.